Maryland Library Theft Ring: 12 Charged with Stealing Books Worth $87K

A recent report discussed the arrest of twelve people for being alleged participants in a library theft ring in Maryland. According to the article, police discovered the suspects by tracking overdue books, uncollected fines and missing hardbacks worth thousands of dollars on the Internet. It appears to Police that all twelve suspects played a role in the alleged library theft ring. The twelve suspects allegedly checked out expensive library books, failed to return them, and then sold them online or to used book stores. The value of the 822 stolen library books amounted to more than $87,000.

Police stated that the library book thefts began in November 2008 and went undetected for so long due to each library system allowing up to 75 books to be checked out simultaneously. In addition, prosecutors believe that the ring began checking out books in Prince George’s County Library and then made its way to Harford, Baltimore, Baltimore City, and Carroll counties.

Based on the article, even with the twelve suspects behind bars, this is not a closed case and more indictments may be issued. Prosecutors indicted the group for aggregate theft over $500 which may result in each suspect serving a 15-year sentence if convicted.

Being arrested for a theft crime in Maryland can change a person’s life forever. The above case is representative of the severe consequences that may rest on the shoulders of a person if they are convicted of a theft offense. Considering there are multiple factors that can influence a criminal case such as a person’s age, existing criminal history, and severity of the crime, the need for a skilled Bethesda criminal defense lawyer couldn’t be greater.

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