Maryland Pushes for Stricter Gun Laws

The state of Maryland has recently been marked with an increase in gun violence, homicides and police involved shootings, especially in Baltimore City. One solution that many are vying for is stricter gun laws and sentencing for gun offenders as well as no credit for good behavior to shorten prison time. The governor supports harsher legislation for gun violence and better prosecution to put offenders in jail for longer periods of time. However, tougher gun laws have failed in the past few years and leaders are planning to push for stricter legislation in the next year.

The second amendment of the constitution gives Americans the right to bear arms. However protection laws can be confusing to legal gun owners. Many people who face firearm charges in Maryland have criminal records; however, there are also many individuals charged who are legal owners of firearms who did not know they were breaking the law. Many prosecutors and leaders in Maryland agree with stricter gun legislation and will continue to push for reform. This means that even small violations can hold a mandatory minimum jail sentence.

There are several different types of criminal violations of gun laws including concealed weapon and intent to injure. If an accused is in possession of a firearm during a crime, then additional charges may be added. Being accused of weapons violations can be stressful and affect your job and relationships. The Maryland criminal defense attorneys at Alpert Schreyer, LLC have decades of experience dealing with gun charges and other criminal offenses. For a free and confidential consultation with one of our skilled criminal defense lawyers, contact our offices at 866-444-6363 today.

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