Maryland’s Increase in Monitoring Violent and Sex Offenders

In examining possible reasons for why crime has showed a decrease in Maryland, a article reflects how the Division of Parole and Probation has paid more attention to known violent and sexual offenders. In this regard, “paying more attention” refers to assigning all sex offenders to specially trained agents, placing those offenders under required and strict probationary terms, and then monitoring them via GPS. In fact, every sex offender is placed on GPS monitoring for 90 days, during which time he or she is subject to harsh curfews and restricted movements.

Violent offenders are placed in the Violence Prevention Initiative and, along with sex offenders, are closely marked for violations. Based on the article, as of January 2010 and since the Parole and Probation has been implementing GPS monitoring of sex offenders beginning in February 2009, 231 sex offenders and 1,300 total offenders have been placed on GPS monitoring.

Anyone who has been convicted of a sex crime or who is facing such charges should be aware that many administrators are sponsoring a bill that would require courts to impose lifetime supervision on certain sex offenders. It is their belief that doing this would guarantee that offenders released into the community are properly monitored and more easily subject to incarceration for violations of strict conditions.

While government officials pursue legislation to strengthen sex offender laws, many of these laws are already very strict and have the capability of drastically changing a person’s life forever. If you have been accused of a sex crime in Maryland, you should seek the assistance of an experienced Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney who will aggressively defend your legal rights. Contact the skilled lawyers at Alpert Schreyer, LLC  today for a free case evaluation of your case by calling 866-444-6363.

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