MD Lawmakers Discuss Juvenile Treatment Facility Reform

A topic of much discussion lately in the state of Maryland relates to problems regulating violent and abusive behavior against employees at the Department of Juvenile Service’s highest-security treatment facility. The Baltimore Sun reported in an article on June 22, 2009 that Maryland Lawmakers plan to have hearings this fall regarding the facility and what improvements need to be made.

Juvenile reform is much needed as multiple reports revealed that the facility is not well prepared to handle its young offenders. In fact, an escape in May that came after a violent assault on employees at the Victor Cullen Center was even cited. A report organized by Maryland’s independent juvenile services monitor concluded that, as the state’s only locked treatment facility for teenage boys convicted of crimes, the center is not rehabilitating some of its most threatening juveniles, therefore not serving its purpose.

It would be a shame if the issue of money is holding lawmakers back from initiating changes to the system, include more intense therapeutic programs in juvenile facilities, more efficient at-home services, and higher quality employee training, considering that all of these factors and probably a few others are in high demand and very necessary to ensure the safety of all who are involved with the facilities.

It may shock some that more than 200 Maryland juvenile offenders are getting treatment in other states or are locked up in pre-trial facilities while they await placement. Why can’t our state handle its own problems? Maryland needs to act fast to ensure that proper rehabilitation is given to juveniles so as to promote crime prevention and to keep our state safe as a result of rehabilitation of offenders.

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