New Bill Proposes DUI Plates for Repeat Offenders

Based on an article from, a proposed bill would require residents of Maryland who are convicted of three or more DUIs to have a special yellow license plate that reads “DUI.” The Prince George’s County lawmaker backing the bill feels that drivers should be aware of repeat Maryland DUI offenders on the road.

The bill would also mandate the plates for five years following the third DUI conviction. Maryland officials indicated that there are 2,029 drivers in the state who would be required to have the plates should the bill pass. Officials from AAA mid-Atlantic told members of the House Judiciary Committee that other states have recently been adopting similar measures.

Similar bills have been proposed in the past, but have failed to win approval. Many still feel that this bill could have embarrassing and excessive repercussions for those convicted of multiple DUIs. The new bill could also make it difficult for those with the DUI license plate to find employment and could lead to unnecessary social alienation.

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