Report Shows that Police Taser Use Does Not Follow Standards

Two years ago a man died after a police officer shot him twice with a taser outside of his home in Frederick, Maryland. Although a grand jury ruled that the officer was justified in his actions, Maryland’s Attorney General was prompted to begin a comprehensive review of police use of tasers. The breakthrough findings were recently released.

The report indicated that police officers have an over-reliance on the weapon, despite the fact that they are told in training to treat tasers as if they were guns or other deadly weapons. The report also showed that not all officers should use tasers and that the weapon should not be used against unarmed people fleeing or destroying evidence as the device can cause death or serious injury in certain circumstances.

According to the report, Montgomery County has the highest police taser use of 222 times a year followed by Baltimore City and County. Currently, no police agency in Maryland meets the standards outlined in the report. If used appropriately, tasers can save lives and can be a valuable tool for law enforcement to protect themselves and the community. However, tougher laws and regulations are due, especially for private citizens who legally own tasers.

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