Bill to Repeal Maryland’s Death Penalty Likely to Pass in Maryland Senate

Governor Martin O’Malley’s gun-control bill passed in the Maryland Senate on Thursday, February 28th, 2013. Additionally, as reported in The Washington Post and published on March 1st, O’Malley’s bill to repeal the death penalty survived an early test. As both votes were debated, police barricades blocked surrounding streets due to the presences of hundreds of activists on both sides of the issues in question.

In the Senate, the debate regarding whether or not to abolish capital punishment in Marylandbecame as emotional as it was for activists out on the streets. Senators, in a vote of 19 to 27, turned back an amendment to the bill that would have allowed the death penalty to still be applied in some specific cases such as murders which involve rape. That vote suggests that the Governor’s bill to repeal Maryland’s death penalty will likely pass.

State Senator Richard F. Colburn—Republican from Dorchester—reminded senators of the graphic details of a case involving a little girl, age 11, who in 2009 on Maryland’s Eastern Shore was kidnapped, raped, and murdered. His proposal to amend the bill to allow application of the death penalty in such extreme cases failed in spite of his efforts.

Democrat Senator Jamie B. Ruskin from Montgomery said that he considered this vote to be an excellent predictor of where senators stand on the bill. He is shepherding Governor O’Malley’s bill through the Senate. In order to pass, the bill would need a total of 24 votes.

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