Man Convicted of Murder Accuses Baltimore Court of Wrongdoing

In a Baltimore County Circuit Court, a 31-year old man convicted of murder made statements during sentencing implying that he had been treated unfairly by court officials, according to the Baltimore Sun. The man was found guilty of first degree murder of his 23-year-old girlfriend.

During the sentencing hearing, the man accused the judge, prosecutors and detectives of lying, ignoring evidence that would have helped his case and conspiring against him. The man looked at the judge while saying, “You all just wanted to blame me—you all just wanted to set me up.” The man also referred to mistakes and omissions he felt were made by the state in their case against him. “All these stories that I was abusive and that I gave her a black eye—all that’s a lie,” claimed the man. He also criticized the way his lawyer handled the case.

Despite the man’s strong feelings, the sentencing hearing continued and he was given life in prison without parole with a consecutive 20-year term for using a handgun in a violent crime. The man says he plans to appeal the decision.

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