Former Wicomico County Deputy Charged with Sex Abuse

As reported by, a former Wicomico County Sherriff’s Office Deputy was recently indicted by a Wicomico County grand jury for sex crime charges. The 44-year-old is charged with using his position as a school resource officer to allegedly sexually abuse a student, and the former deputy now faces charges for second-degree assault and a fourth-degree sex offense. Court documents reveal that the man met the victim through his position at Parkside High School when the female student was 15 years old.

The sexual abuse progressed from “sexual activities” to the pair having sexual intercourse at the 44-year-old’s home. At the request of the Wicomico County Sherriff’s Office, the state police launched an investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse. The alleged abuse took place between June 1999 and June 2002, according to a Maryland State Police interview with the victim.

A 2004 news article lists the former deputy as a detective with the Child Advocacy Center, which is a multi-agency organization that investigates and prosecutes crimes against children, as well as providing support services for victims. The 44-year-old was scheduled to have a bail review hearing in circuit court on December 14.

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