18-Year-Old Man Arrested for Pasadena, MD Burglary

According to The Baltimore Sun, an 18-year-old male resident of Pasadena, Maryland was arrested this past Saturday for suspected burglary. After responding to a call from neighbors, Anne Arundel County officers found the young suspect knocking on the door of a Leeds Drive home and peering into the windows. The suspect was arrested after climbing back over the backyard fence of the home and drugs were found in the suspect’s possession. Police officers found the back sliding glass door of the home open and items in the house “disturbed.”

The companion of the arrested man remains at large and is described as being approximately 18 years old and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. The suspect is charged with first, third, and fourth degree burglary, as well as possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Under Maryland criminal law, the crime of burglary is divided into four degrees. The first three degrees are felonies, but fourth degree burglary is considered a misdemeanor crime. If convicted of burglary, the penalties can be quite severe. According to a report issued by the Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy, in 2009, those convicted of burglary in the first and second degree in Maryland received an average sentence of 7 years with close to 80% incarcerated for the crime. Meanwhile, an average of a 2 year prison sentence was given to those convicted of fourth degree burglary charges with more than 60% incarcerated.

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