Anne Arundel, Annapolis Police Work Together to Prevent Car Thefts

Thefts from vehicles are often simply a matter of opportunity. Items left in unlocked vehicles are easy to remove from the car. In order to cut down on the number of thefts from motor vehicles in and around Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, police from both jurisdictions are reminding motorists to guard their possessions more carefully.

As part of a program aimed at community education, police officers have begun patrolling parking lots in the Annapolis area. Officers peer into vehicles and check door handles to see whether valuables are in easy reach for thieves. If they are, or if the did not lock their vehicle, police attempt to contact the vehicle’s owner. This is to remind them to hide valuables and lock their cars, as its an easy way to deter theft.

During one recent walkthrough, police estimated that 10 percent of the vehicles they examined were not locked. In some Annapolis neighborhoods, the number of unlocked vehicles might be as high as 90 percent. Police also reported seeing all kinds of tempting valuable objects left in plain sight. This included purses, electronics, and even a washer and dryer unit in an unlocked RV.

Facing Theft Charges?

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