Charles County Robbery Suspect Arrested and Charged

According to Maryland State Police Reports for Charles County and published by on June 19, 2013, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office has released the following arrest report.

On June 10, a robbery of a convenience store occurred in La Plata. In the process of conducting the robbery, the suspect allegedly demanded money from the convenience store clerk while implying that he had a handgun. He then allegedly fled from the scene of the robbery before officers arrived, but not before having had his image captured by video surveillance.

According to Rex W. Coffey, Charles County Sheriff, detectives J. Elliott, K. Gross, and J. Austin conducted the investigation. Sheriff Coffey said that in the process of completing their field work, they canvassed the entire area surrounding the convenience store where the robbery took place. They learned that a man who resembled the image captured by video surveillance camera and who fit the convenience store clerk’s description had been spotted at a local motel. With this information, the detectives were able to locate the man, age 48 and from North Carolina. He became subsequently linked to the La Plata robbery.

He was arrested without incident and charged with felony robbery. Felony robbery in the state of Maryland is defined as the illegal acquisition by means of force or threat of force of someone else’s property. He is being held in the Charles County Detention Center.

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