Identity Theft + Computer Fraud = Busted

ID theft

ID theftA Maryland woman has been charged with computer fraud in relation to stolen information from numerous Department of Veterans Affairs employees.

Allise Jones faces charges of computer fraud in Alexander federal court stemming from an affidavit filed against her, as announced on Tuesday.  She allegedly obtained the information from a friend who worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs and used it to both access a bank account and get a credit card.  Charges were made to the card at a plastic surgeon and a clothing store.

This was not Jones’ first endeavor with identity theft.  Court documents reveal that she previously managed to get personal information of employees working at the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, known as Freddie Mac and attempted to withdraw money from those employees bank accounts.  This lead to her March 2014 arrest in Hyattsville, MD, wherein police reported that they found a spreadsheet with personal information of over 2,000 past and present Freddie Mac employees on Jones’ phone.  Jones ran credit checks on at least 31 individuals.

Special Agent Lars Hansen of the Federal Housing Finance Agency testified that Jones spent thousands of dollars on a credit card opened in the name of one VA employee, including purchases at a Diesel fashion-chain store in McLean, Va for over $3,000 and $12,500 she owed to a plastic surgeon in Miami.  The VA employee who supplied Jones with the personal information has not been charged with a crime yet, but is no longer working for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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