Maryland Man Arrested for String of Robberies in Delaware and Maryland

A Maryland man was recently arrested for a series of armed robberies in Maryland and Delaware, according to

The 31-year-old man was charged with 12 counts of first-degree robbery as well as possessing a deadly firearm, and one count of theft of a firearm in Delaware. Maryland police were also seeking the man as a suspect for an alleged armed robbery and carjacking near Elkton. The police claim that the suspect forced an elderly man to drive him into Wilmington, where he robbed a restaurant. The suspect was captured at a McDonald’s in Newark as he was getting into his girlfriend’s van.

The suspect has been accused of committing 12 robberies in businesses in Glasgow, Wilmington, and Christiana. The suspect is being held in jail after failing to post bond. He is awaiting extradition to Maryland to face robbery charges there.

Robbery charges can be very serious. Individuals who are facing any type of theft charges, including identity theft, burglary, robbery, embezzlement, petty theft, or grand theft need to obtain a skilled attorney as quickly as possible to determine their legal options. If you end up with a theft on your record, employers may be reluctant to hire you in the future.

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