Parents Are Often Behind Child Identity Theft in Maryland, According to Police

Identity theftIn today’s digital, information-heavy world, many people take steps to protect themselves from identity theft. But many people don’t realize that children can also be victims of identity theft.

In fact, stealing a child’s identity can be even easier than stealing an adult’s, according to the Baltimore County police. Since children don’t have credit cards, mortgages, or other loans, they and their parents rarely check to see if someone is using credit in the child’s name. By the time the child reaches adulthood, he or she may discover that bad credit is already attached to their name – often, by being turned down for a student loan or other financial necessity.

According to the Baltimore County police, the most common thieves of a child’s identity aren’t complete strangers. Rather, they are people who know the child well, such as parents or other close adult relatives. Often, a parent will try to fix a debt-heavy financial situation by getting credit in the child’s name. The parent may have the best intentions of using the credit just enough to get the family out of a tough financial spot. However, if the debts rack up on the child’s account, he or she can literally be stuck with the bill.

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