Waldorf Man Charged with Attempted Theft

As reported by the Charles County Sheriff’s Office in its crime reports and published bysmnewsnet.com, on May 13 at approximately 2:40 a.m., officers responded to a 911 call from a homeowner. The homeowner had heard loud noises coming from the driveway area. He decided to investigate further, and when he did so, he reportedly noticed that the dome light was on in the interior of his truck and a strange man was inside the vehicle. The man fled as the owner of the home and vehicle approached the scene.

The incident occurred at the 5500 block of Hole Shot Place in Pomfret. The homeowner was able to provide officers who responded to the scene of the attempted theft a detailed description of the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle. An officer was able to locate the vehicle, make a positive identification, and conduct a traffic stop. A 25-year-old Waldorf resident was driving the car, and both the man who had broken into the victim’s truck and the man’s car were positively identified.

Officers also were able to recover evidence that linked the alleged thief with the crime scene. The Waldorf man was arrested and charged with attempted theft.

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