License Suspension for a Traffic Citation in Maryland

A valid Maryland driver’s license is a privilege that most Maryland residents cannot live without. Maintaining a valid driver’s license can mean being able to keep a job or being able to continue your education/job training if you are still in school. In Maryland, a traffic citation is titled, “Maryland Uniform Complaint and Citation.” Citations are issued by police officers when certain motor vehicle traffic laws have been violated such as not wearing a seat belt or speeding. On the back of each citation is information about what you must do: pay the fine specified or contest the citation in Maryland District Court.

Most Maryland citations are issued to the driver of the vehicle whether or not that individual is the owner. Red light camera citations and parking citations are issued to the vehicle’s owner regardless of who was driving.

Maryland MVA License Suspension

If you do not pay the fine or make your appearance in District Court to contest the citation, the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) will be notified electronically. You will then receive a notice in the mail that your driver’s license will be suspended if you fail to satisfy court requirements by the suspension date printed on the notice.

Admitting Guilt

Once you pay the fine for committing a traffic violation, you are admitting guilt. The number of points linked to conviction will be posted to your driver record. That number increases with the severity of the violation. Once your driver’s license has been suspended because you either did not appear in court or failed to pay tickets and/or fines, the record of that suspension could remain on your permanent record no matter whether your suspension has been lifted upon satisfaction of the Court’s requirements. The record of your license having been suspended may remain on your permanent record even though your license is not presently suspended.

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