Mother, Daughter from Maryland Killed in Truck Crash, Driver Held for Trial

A 44-year-old long haul truck driver from Sacramento is being held for trial on two counts of vehicular homicide in the deaths of a mother and daughter from Maryland. As reported by, the fatal accident occurred the morning of November 24 in South Strabane, PA, east of the junction with southbound I-79. The truck driver was behind the wheel of a 77,000-pound tractor-trailer traveling west when he reportedly crossed the center grass median and collided with the vehicle of a 57-year-old mother and her 21-year-old daughter, both from Hughesville, MD.

The truck driver told police he may have fallen asleep at the wheel prior to the Washington County accident, but also told investigators he may have been awake at the time of the crash, indicating that he may have known what happened. A district judge is holding the 44-year-old driver on two counts of vehicular homicide in the deaths, and prosecutors have discovered discrepancies in the driver’s log books, showing he was traveling at the time the log book shows “sleep was occurring.”

Prosecutors also allege that the driver had a number of discrepancies in the week prior to the crash between his log book and toll and weight receipts. A police affidavit states that the truck would have been put out of service due to brake problems and log book discrepancies if they had been discovered during an inspection.

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