Maryland Officials Seek to Tighten Up Maryland Gun-Buying Laws

Law enforcement and court officials in Maryland are looking at ways to enforce the state’s gun-purchasing laws more strictly, after reports of individuals whose records should not have allowed them to buy a gun in Maryland were able to do so nonetheless.

The most recent case to come under scrutiny involves a man in Prince George’s County who, despite a mental health treatment background that should have barred him from gun purchases, was found to have been “passed” through a background check and thus purchased over a dozen firearms.

Currently, Maryland law requires a background check, mental health record check, and seven-day wait before a person can legally purchase a firearm. If a person’s history doesn’t meet the standards of the background check or mental health check, the law should bar him or her from buying a gun. However, the state doesn’t actually look at buyers’ mental health records – it merely asks them to state whether or not they have been admitted to a mental health facility for 30 days or more.

Now, a task force has been convened to discuss ways to improve enforcement of Maryland’s gun laws. The task force will meet regularly and present suggestions to state legislators.

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