MD Task Force Examining Laws & Policies Regarding Gun Access by Mentally Ill

A state task force comprised of gun rights representatives, mental health advocates, and police is examining current laws and policies governing gun access by the mentally ill and may propose changes to existing guidelines. The Baltimore Sun reports that the 17-member panel will consider several different questions, including whether the criteria for finding someone dangerous should be changed, whether the 30-day state hospital that triggers a prohibition on purchasing firearms should be revised, and also whether there should be a court process for restoring gun ownership rights.

Created by legislators in the spring, the state task force is expected to make recommendations to the governor at the end of the year.

The panel began its work in Baltimore among heightened concerns over some dangerous incidents, including the tragic movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO. The man charged reportedly had been seeing a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado who had shared concerns with a school threat-assessment team. The deputy state attorney for Prince George County states that they are seeing more and more individuals that seemingly have some mental health issues who are in possession of firearms and using them.

Presently under Maryland law, handgun and assault weapon purchases are under state supervision, other guns are not. Individuals with a history of mental illness may not come to the attention of authorities because a majority of mental health information is private.

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