Police Find Bullets in Middle School Student’s Jeans, Marks Third Gun Incident in Baltimore County Schools

According to a report in The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore County police discovered a handful of bullets in the jeans of a Deer Park Middle Magnet student after two 12 year old boys reportedly traded a Bersa .3380-caliber gun for an Xbox 360. The discovery was made after the jeans were left in a school locker room. This dangerous exchange marks the third gun-related incident in Baltimore County Schools since the school year began in late August. A shooting at Perry Hall High School also left one student seriously injured.

The gun in this exchange was legally registered to a man who lives with one of the boys who traded the gun, but presently no charges have been filed against the gun owner. The 12-year-old students were charged as juveniles with various handgun-related violations, and police state that there was no indication that the boys had plans to harm students or staff at Deer Park.

The recent gun violence, and the ease of access that Baltimore County students have had in obtaining weapons, have “unnerved many in the school community.” In an effort to be proactive, Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson and County Executive Kevin Kamenetz recently announced that free gun locks would be distributed to residents by the county in response to the gun incidents. Baltimore County residents can receive up to three locks each by visiting the Public Safety Building in Towson or by visiting any police precinct.

The Baltimore County Police Chief stresses the importance of securing guns as the county has dealt with these gun-related incidents. Maryland law does require that gun owners secure loaded firearms from children 15 and younger, and securing unloaded guns is being encouraged as well.

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