Prince George’s County Police Make 100 Arrests in Two Days

Due to a dramatic jump in homicides in Prince George’s County, more officers are now on the streets in areas that are designated as dangerous. Over a recent two night period, those officers made approximately 100 arrests, according to

In the first 11 days of 2011, there were 13 homicides in Prince George’s County. Because of that shocking burst of crime, the county put 150 extra officers on the streets. The county has received help from the FBI, ATF, DEA, and the Maryland State Police. Also, the police chief moved officers into the Criminal Investigation Division, the narcotics division, and federal task forces.

As a result of the additional officers, not only have 100 arrests taken place in a short period of time, but also many guns and drugs have been recovered. The police are determined to stop the crime wave. In 2007, Prince George’s county also had a similar spike in crime in January, and the police were able to stop it from continuing.

Because the police are so determined to stop this crime wave and to get guns off the streets, it’s highly possible that guns are being seized from people who didn’t realize they were breaking gun laws. Moreover, pressure on law enforcement has the potential to cause the arrests of innocent people.

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