Understanding Maryland Firearm Laws and Children

Maryland has several laws that apply to firearms, especially when firearms are carried, used, or stored around children. Violating some of these laws, even unintentionally, may result in a criminal charge.

Maryland Weapons Crimes law states that “A person may not carry or possess a firearm, knife, or deadly weapon on public school property.” A person convicted of violating this law may face up to three years in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both. Some exceptions exist, however, including exceptions for police officers, security guards hired by the school district, and persons who have written permission from the school to show a weapon as part of a historical or other educational lesson.

Maryland law also prohibits storing or leaving a loaded firearm in any place where one should know or have reason to know an unsupervised child under age 16 could get his or her hands on the gun. Fines for being convicted of violating this law may also reach $1,000.

There are exceptions for supervised firearm use among children, such as shooting lessons or hunting. The law also does not apply to “antique firearms” manufactured before 1899 or replicas of antique firearms that are not designed to use currently-available ammunition.

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