Case Result: Not Guilty on Fifth DUI

Case Result Not Guilty on Fifth DUIAs DUI defense lawyers, our team at Alpert Schreyer, LLC believes that everyone is entitled to a fair defense in court – especially when the evidence against them does not prove their guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Recently, we represented a Maryland client who had been charged with a fifth DUI and was facing up to 3 years in prison as a result.

Although this client had been found guilty of DUI in the past, the evidence in this particular case was not at all clear cut. Because our client is missing a piece of his foot, it’s nearly impossible for him to complete an accurate field sobriety test. In spite of this crucial fact, the officer on the scene accepted the test result as valid.

Prior to our client’s court date, the state refused to acknowledge that the field sobriety test had been faulty. Never one to back down, our attorney and founding partner Andrew D. Alpert provided fierce representation during the jury trial. By exposing multiple contradictions and assumptions in the cop’s testimony, Attorney Alpert was able to introduce sufficient doubt that the evidence pointed against our client.

After deliberating for only 12 minutes, the jury returned to announce a verdict of “not guilty” on every single count. This major victory proved to be a life-changing moment for our client, and we were grateful that we could provide the defense he deserved.

Powerful Defense Strategies for Your DUI Case

At Alpert Schreyer, LLC, we approach every case as if it were our only one, developing personalized and aggressive defense strategies for each of our clients. We know from firsthand experience that a criminal conviction can have serious repercussions throughout your life, and we’re committed to giving our clients a fair shot with skilled and insightful counsel by their side.

If you need legal counsel for DUI charges in Maryland, give us a call at 301-321-7277 today. We offer free case evaluations.

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