Crisfield High School Teacher Arrested on Drug Charges

CRISFIELD HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER ARRESTED ON DRUG CHARGESA Crisfield High School teacher has been arrested on drug charges and a trial date has been set after the teacher was found in possession of a schedule two narcotic with no prescription.

Last Friday morning shortly after 10:00 am, police responded to a report that a Crisfield High School teacher had drugs. School administrators reported to the officer that they had seen a woman put a white object on the center console of the teacher’s car and subsequently leave in a minivan. A week before, court documents state that the same woman had brought the teacher a contact lens case and a pill bottle.

The teacher in question is 51-year-old Bonnie Crockett and, reportedly, the same person has brought different items to Crockett during school hours on other occasions, raising suspicion. The white object placed on Crockett’s car console turned out to be an envelope that contained a contact lens case with white powder inside and a bag with 10 white pills.

The pills were found to be Acetaminophen and Oxycodone, which is a schedule two narcotic, and they will be given to the Maryland State Police lab for analysis according to police. They were not in a medicine bottle and there was no prescription. The police officer stated that 10 pills in a plain plastic bag show possible distribution of pills. Court documents also show that officers found a small brown envelope with crushed pill residue and a rolled piece of paper in Crockett’s purse.

A school administrator had reported on several occasions that Crockett appeared to be high on something and appeared lost during class time. Crockett has been charged with possession with intent to distribute on school property, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession with intent to distribute and possession of paraphernalia.

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