Differences Between a DUI Charge and Conviction

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What are the differences between a DUI charge and a DUI conviction in Maryland?


Often people think that just because they’ve been charged with a DUI, they’ve provided a breath or a blood sample, that sample value was over a 0.08, that that’s pretty much the end of it and there’s nothing that they can do to help themselves when they come to court. That is just not true. There are many reasons why people get charged with DUI cases and don’t end up being convicted of the DUI cases. The public needs to become knowledgeable about what a good lawyer can do in terms of helping them develop defenses and understand why they might have a reading of 0.08 or higher, but it really not be a 0.08. They also need to understand that there are problems with field tests in general. There are other reasons why just because you’re charged with a DUI does not mean you’re going to be convicted of that DUI.

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