Drunk Driving Laws Do Not Discriminate – No One is Above the Law

DRUNK DRIVING LAWS DO NOT DISCRIMINATEDrunk driving is a serious offense and the law does not discriminate. Whether you are a former professional hockey player and NHL champion, or a judge in the court of law.

Two recent cases over the Independence Day holiday served to magnify this fact. When former Boston Bruins star Ray Bourque acknowledged that there is enough evidence to find him guilty of drunken driving. Additionally, an Allegheny County judge acknowledged to a state trooper that she had “too much” to drink when pulled over.

Bourque apologized in Massachusetts in a statement on Wednesday, referencing his arrest after his Mercedes-Benz rear-ended another vehicle on June 24.  Police reported that his BAC was 0.249, which is three times that the state’s legal limit to drive.

Under Massachusetts law, his plea admitting to sufficient facts should give him a resolution of “not guilty” once he successfully completes one year of probation.  Bourque’s license has also been suspended for 45 days.

Meanwhile, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Common Pleas Judge Christine Ann Ward was stopped by a state trooper for suspected drunken driving over the holiday weekend. During the stop, she fell over during the field sobriety test.  The State Trooper stopped the tests after she fell “for fear anything further would be a danger to her safety”.

Ward was charged with driving under the influence and faces a possible one-year driver’s license suspension because she refused to submit to a blood test three times.  She also faces careless driving and other moving violations.


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