Will an Anne Arundel DUI Affect My Healthcare Career?

PoliceA drunk driving arrest can feel like a nightmare. While you may hope that you will wake up, the reality is that a DUI conviction can have a disastrous impact on your life.
You are probably full of questions. Will a DUI affect my healthcare career? Can I lose my professional license or credentials? Will it affect my employment in a hospital setting? The unfortunate answer is yes.
A DUI conviction has the potential to derail your entire career path, jeopardizing your professional life. To prevent the worst, you should hire a knowledgeable defense lawyer to handle your DUI case. Our experienced defense Attorneys have the skills necessary to build you the best case possible. We create aggressive defenses using our knowledge of Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, and Maryland law.

Medical Professionals

Doctors and licensed healthcare professionals are bound by the rules and regulations of their licensing board. The Maryland Board of Physicians has the power to deny a license; reprimand a physician, physician’s assistant, or other healthcare professional; place a healthcare professional on probation; and/or suspend or revoke a license.
The Board may not take action for a first minor DUI offense. However, persons convicted of multiple DUI offenses or a felony DUI in Maryland, will likely face a hearing to determine disciplinary action.

Nurses and Hospitals

Employers in the healthcare field are not keen on hiring those with DUI convictions. Losing your case can make it difficult to find employment in your chosen career for fields. In many places, hospitals or other healthcare employers may terminate your employment following a conviction.
Even if you don’t lose your job from your DUI conviction, the indirect consequences can make it difficult to keep a job. A suspended license will require changes to your daily life, and depending on your situation, may make it impossible to keep your current job.

Will a DUI Affect My Healthcare Career? Yes.

The reality is that in one way or another, a DUI conviction will affect your career. To prevent this, you should contact an experienced DUI attorney.
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