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The Alpert Schreyer Advantage

The Alpert Schreyer Advantage

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There are plenty of law firms out there that will make empty or unrealistic promises to those seeking legal counsel and representation. While it’s important to hire an attorney after being arrested, you don’t have to decide right away, and you don’t have to pick the first lawyer you find. However, the longer you delay in choosing an attorney, the more difficult your case may become. At Alpert Schreyer, we always encourage individuals to make the decision that is best for them. With that being said, we are proud of our accomplishments and believe it’s important to share our unique qualities as a law firm to highlight the quality of service available.


A successful defense is often created when it is discovered that law enforcement officers made mistakes and did not follow the proper legal process. A skilled Maryland DUI attorney will have the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze the state’s case against you and find any errors. The DUI/DWI defense team at Alpert Schreyer is comprised of former prosecutors who regularly travel the country to receive advanced training in DUI/DWI law. Our lawyers have the familiarity and training necessary to recognize mistakes made by law enforcement officers and challenge those mistakes in court.


The criminal defense team at Alpert Schreyer has successfully defended over 1,000 individuals charged with DUI and DWI in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Our criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors with over 70 years of combined experience.


Our willingness to aggressively fight DUI charges instead of pleading our clients guilty has allowed us to achieve outstanding results for those we represent. While we cannot promise you a particular outcome, we do promise to fight your case with the same intensity, drive, and skill that produced these excellent outcomes for other clients.

Specific DUI/DWI Defense

Experienced DUI attorneys in Maryland and across the country have a variety of resources readily available for their clients. Our attorneys have the resources on hand to investigate cases, provide expert witnesses in court, and assist our clients in locating the appropriate treatment providers.

NHTSA Field Sobriety Certification

An attorney who is a certified field sobriety test instructor or has completed NHTSA field sobriety testing courses has the ability to recognize and challenge any improper field sobriety testing evidence the state may attempt to use against you. Lead attorney Andrew Alpert is one of only a few attorneys in the state of Maryland who has been certified as a NHTSA certified field sobriety test instructor. He knows the proper procedures to use when conducting field sobriety exercises and will challenge any evidence against you obtained through improper field sobriety testing procedures.

An Attorney Who Owns & Operates Breathalyzer Equipment

A breath test that indicates that a driver had a BAC of .08 doesn’t mean a person is guilty of DUI. Chemical tests are notorious for inaccurate readings and there is plenty of room for human error as well. An incorrect calibration on a breathalyzer machine can make the difference between someone being arrested for DUI or not. An attorney with advanced knowledge of breath testing equipment knows what questions to ask regarding any breathalyzer evidence against you. Lead attorney Andrew Alpert is certified to own and operate numerous types of breath testing equipment.

Communication Skills

Every DUI attorney must be able to communicate clearly so clients can understand their legal rights and options in order to make appropriate decisions. Equally important, the attorney must listen and understand what their clients say to them.


Successful and helpful drunk driving defense attorneys recognize that facing DUI charges can be frightening and know how to put their clients at ease to alleviate the stress. At Alpert Schreyer, we make your case about you, not us.

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  • “If you’re facing this charge and not sure where to turn, reach out to the experts at Alpert Schreyer.”

    - Anonymous
  • Mr. Chris Hartman represented me greatly on my DUI case and it was all dropped and rendered to negligent driving. We went into details about the case and was made to understand how the case could sway but he mesmerized me with a deal that took all that ”

    - Anonymous
  • “The firm developed a program and mitigation strategies to help provide the best possible outcome of the case.”

    - Anonymous

Why Hire Our firm?

The Alpert Schreyer Advantage
  • Our legal team boasts over 70 years of combined experience defending the rights of the accused.
  • Our attorneys are former prosecutors who know how to recognize mistakes made by law enforcement.
  • We have an established reputations as one of Maryland's top-rated DUI defense firms.
  • Our attorneys are committed to taking the time to clearly communicate & understand your case.
  • We have the resources to investigate cases, provide expert witnesses in court & advocate for you.
  • We promise to fight for you with the intensity, drive & skill necessary to produce results.

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