Four Arrested at Sobriety Checkpoint in Crofton

Four Arrested at Sobriety Checkpoint in CroftonPolice in Anne Arundel County reported that 761 vehicles passed through a sobriety checkpoint in Crofton, resulting in four arrests, including three for driving under the influence (DUI). Crofton Patch reports that the checkpoint lasted about three hours on Route 3 near Route 450 on the night of December 13.

This was apparently the 97th checkpoint conducted since the department began the practice. In total, checkpoints across the county have seen 75,165 vehicles pass through, resulting in 406 DUI arrests and 110 drug-related arrests.

Over the last few years, police in Maryland have used these DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols to snare intoxicated drivers, especially during the busy holiday season. Checkpoints have become a common sight on our roads. Although their intention is to take drunk drivers off the road, they also lead to numerous false arrests.

When authorities plan to have checkpoints, they are required to follow certain legal guidelines. Officials must give the public sufficient advance notice of the checkpoint, including announcing the time and location to the community. They are also required to post signs notifying drivers about the checkpoint. The checkpoint must be manned by uniformed officers in police vehicles and motorists must be chosen at random. You cannot be arrested at a checkpoint just because you avoided it.

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