Frederick MD Drug Crimes Attorneys

Frederick Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

The “war on drugs” has made the criminal prosecution of drug-related crimes a hot-button issue as well as a legal one.  Although Maryland drug laws are meant to protect the vulnerable and make communities safer, too often they are used as a weapon against people who actually need help overcoming addiction or healthy life choices instead of punishment.

It’s never easy to face drug charges in communities such as Frederick.  Your family, work, home and hobbies may all slip from your grasp.  You fear that if convicted, your reputation will suffer. A criminal record will haunt your future. But you don’t have to face drug charges alone.

The experienced drug crimes defense attorneys at Alpert Schreyer, LLC can help you fight the charges you face, protect your legal rights, and strive for the best possible outcome in your case.  Call our offices at 866-444-6363 for a free and confidential consultation to learn more about your rights as a defendant and the steps you can take to protect yourself.

Drug Schedules and Penalties in Frederick Maryland

Maryland’s drug laws are based on the federal classification system for controlled substances.  This system groups controlled substances into any one of five “schedules”. These are based on the drug’s medical uses versus it’s dangers to human health. In Maryland, penalties for possession, manufacture or sales of these substances are rely on its schedule. Possession of a valid prescription will also play a role, if the drug can be legally prescribed.

Under the federal classification system, Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous and least medically useful.  These substances cannot be legally prescribed, and possessing them is a crime in nearly all situations.  Maryland imposes some of the most severe penalties on those convicted of the possession,manufacture, or sale of Schedule I drugs.

Schedules II through V contain drugs that can be legally prescribed.  They consider these substances less dangerous and medically useful in some way.  A person with a valid prescription for these drugs may possess and use them. However, they may not sell or share their prescriptions with other people.  People without valid prescriptions may not possess, buy, sell, use or make any of these drugs.

Grounds for Distribution Charges

One element of Maryland drug law that surprises many people is that a charge for “distribution” isn’t always based on evidence that the person was actually selling or giving away the drug.  Evidence that a person possessed more of a drug than is typically kept for personal use may be enough to convict that person for distribution, even if there is no evidence the person actually distributed it.

Where to Turn After a Frederick Maryland Drug Charge

If you’re facing a drug charge of any kind in Frederick, you may be scrambling to figure out why you’ve been charged and what you’re accused of doing wrong. You may consult family or friends to determine what happened and what you should do next.  However, although it’s tempting to ask those you trust for help, it’s important to remember that every drug charge is different and you are facing serious charges that can negatively impact the rest of your life.

What worked for a friend or family member facing a similar charge may not work for you.  That’s why it’s crucial to seek the help of a Frederick drug charge attorney as soon as possible.  The Frederick drug crimes defense attorneys at Alpert Schreyer aggressively fights to protect each client we represent and can aggressively use our decades of experience to build and launch a defense that addresses the specific facts of your case.  For a free and confidential consultation to learn more about what we can do for you contact us at 301-694-1233 or via our online contact form.

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