High School Teacher Recently Charged with DUI Had a Previous Drunk Driving Arrest

HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER RECENTLY CHARGED WITH DUI HAD A PREVIOUS DRUNK DRIVING ARRESTFor the second time in four years, a teacher from Glenelg High in Glenelg, Maryland was arrested for drunk driving.

Glenelg High social studies teacher Christian Callender was the only person involved in a single vehicle collision at the Ten Oaks and Brighton Dam Road traffic circle intersection.  The incident occurred at 7:49 am on January 5th, nearly 30 minutes after classes had begun.

Police responded and arrested Callender at the scene, later charging him with multiple offenses including:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving while impaired by alcohol
  • Failure to control vehicle speed on the highway to avoid a collision
  • Driving while impaired by drugs or drugs and alcohol
  • Driving while impaired by a controlled, dangerous substance

According to court records, Callender’s prior arrest occurred in 2012 when he failed a roadside breathalyzer test given to him by a Howard County police officer who had stopped him for driving 64 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone.  Callender was ultimately found guilty of driving with a blood-alcohol level greater than the state limit (.08 percent), driving while impaired by alcohol and driving over the speed limit.  He received probation before judgment (PBJ), had to pay $350 fine and Court costs and was placed on one year of supervised probation.

Callender has taught at Glenelg High for 13 years (since 2002) and is currently on administrative leave pending a police investigation.  The trial date for his most recent arrest is set for March 9.


It’s important to remember that individuals with repeat DUI convictions in Maryland face significant penalties including mandatory license suspension, thousands of dollars in fines and jail time. 

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