How Experience as a Prosecutor Makes for a More-Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

How Experience as a Prosecutor Makes for a More-Skilled Criminal Defense AttorneyIt is not uncommon for prosecutors to eventually pursue a career as a criminal defense attorney. Although these two types of legal professionals oppose each other in the courtroom, the skills acquired during the time working as a prosecutor can make a person an especially skilled defense lawyer.

What Does a Prosecutor Do?

A prosecutor’s main responsibility is bringing criminal charges against a defendant. This involves researching a case, collecting evidence, completing settlement and trial processes, and speaking with witnesses, police officers, judges, and lawyers.

A lot of a prosecutor’s time at work is spent in a courtroom. A former prosecutor will likely have much more in-trial experience than an attorney who has not worked as a prosecutor. In-trial experience is an essential skill — especially in the area of criminal defense, working in a courtroom can be the differentiating factor between a successful case and a sentencing.

The most vital skill a former prosecutor has is their ability to anticipate the strategies of other prosecutors. A criminal defense attorney can reflect on their career as a prosecutor and think about how they handled a trial, and use that experience to inform their approach. Additionally, former prosecutors understand how prosecution cases succeed, and can form a defense against those successful tactics.

Additional Benefits of Hiring a Former Prosecutor as Your Attorney

A former prosecutor’s skill set is not the only helpful asset that can aid in a criminal defense role. While working as a prosecutor, a person develops an in-depth understanding of the local court system, and builds relationships with the other people who work in that court system. These relationships can inform a criminal defense attorney’s strategy, which can be crafted to account for the typical conduct of a judge or other attorney.

Prosecutor experience allows criminal defense attorneys to:

  • Understand the thought processes of prosecutors
  • Anticipate the opposition’s strategies
  • Apply pressure effectively
  • Employ their knowledge of local courts
  • Utilize years of in-trial experience
  • Understand every step of the trial process
  • Relate to other legal professionals

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