Can Your DUI Attorney Get Your Roadside Test Dismissed?

Do You Know The Secrets That DUI Lawyers in Maryland Know?

Defense Attorneys know several ways to get a roadside test dismissed. Whether the sobriety test is chemical or physical, no test is perfect.

In many cases, drivers facing a drunk driving charge think that it is a done deal if they fail roadside tests. In reality, DUI lawyers know that chemical tests and roadside tests are not always accurate.

A DUI attorney can prove this fact, helping you avoid facing conviction for a Maryland DUI.

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How Can You Get A Roadside Test Dismissed?

Defense lawyers are aware that a viable chemical or roadside test requires officers to take certain steps. These steps include:

  • If the officer had reasonable suspicion of a law violation before stopping you
  • Did the officer has probable cause for the arrest and for asking you to perform a roadside test
  • Has officer informed you of your right to refuse to take a portable breathalyzer test
  • If the officer had probable cause for your arrest and to require a chemical test
  • Did the officer provide you with your Miranda rights before interrogation

The prosecution must prove each of these steps, otherwise DWI defense lawyers can get the test results invalidated. Doing so can make it much more difficult – if not impossible – for the prosecution to prove its case against you.

Without a professional DUI attorney, fighting DUI charges is difficult. Don’t let a lack of information be the cause of your conviction.

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