Increased Drunk Driving Arrests in MD Amidst Pandemic Lockdown

Increased Drunk Driving Arrests in MD Amidst Pandemic LockdownDespite Governor Hogan’s ongoing lockdown order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, an increased number of people have recently been arrested for driving while impaired. Maryland police, who have been tasked with enforcing compliance with the lockdown order, seem to also be looking for any hint of drivers who are under the influence as they make their traffic stops.

There has been an uptick in drunk driving arrest numbers for many police agencies statewide. The Maryland State Police (MSP), who primarily patrol state highways and the Beltway, have made at least 32 DUI arrests in the past week alone. In an unexpected trend, arrest frequency seems to increase with the severity of a county’s health crisis.

MSP statistics reflect that roughly a third of their drunk driving arrests have occurred in Prince George’s County, which is one of Maryland’s hardest-hit regions. The county is home to a disproportionate amount of Maryland’s COVID-19-related hospitalizations and deaths. We find ourselves wondering why it is also the site of an unexpected number of DUI arrests.

The imbalance in arrests is strange, but the situation is not limited to hard-hit areas. Since the lockdown was initiated in March, more than 200 drunk driving arrests have been made by state police. Montgomery County Police have reported increased arrests also. Within the last month, Alpert Schreyer, LLC, has been retained to represent clients facing drunk driving charges from as far south as St. Mary’s County and as far north as Frederick County.

Frederick County Sherriff Chuck Jenkins recently addressed the problem, advising that, though parties are not allowed and bars and restaurants remain closed, and his agency has reduced traffic stops to minimize exposure to the pathogen, “people are still [driving drunk] out of habit…and we are trying our best [to arrest them].” If the agency has indeed reduced traffic stops, it’s curious that more people than ever are now facing DUI charges.

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