Maryland DUI Penalties

Check out this article about the penalties for DUI in Maryland and how our DUI lawyer can be the key to avoiding these charges. Call us today.

How Much Does a DUI Lawyer Cost in Maryland?

Maryland DUI Penalties

The cost You may be wondering what it costs to hire an attorney in the state of Maryland. There is a wide range that most attorneys will quote you for a DUI case. Frankly, it depends on the severity of the case involved. There are aggravating factors that could be involved. You could have been involved in an accident. You could have harmed someone as a result of being involved in a DUI. You might have kids in your car. You could’ve been traveling in at an excessive rate of speed at the time you were stopped. There’s a whole host of various factors that have to be considered in determining what the price would be for hiring an attorney. Give us a call and we’ll discuss it with you. We’ll talk to you about how we can actually defend you.

What are the penalties for DUI in Maryland?

If you’re charged with a DUI offense in the state of Maryland, you’ve got to know what the DUI convictions look like in the state of Maryland. For a first offense, it you could be looking at a year in jail, a one-thousand dollar fine, twelve points on your license, and possible revocation or suspension of your driving privileges in the state of Maryland. The penalties only go up from there, depending upon what number DUI this is for you. If you want to discuss any of this, call my office. I’d love to help you out in any way I can.

Will I go to jail for a DUI in Maryland?

If you’ve just been charged with a DUI, you may might be wondering if you’re going to go to jail, depending on the circumstances and the facts of your case, the nature of defense that’s provided to you, and the lawyer that you hire. Call my office so we can discuss this as soon as possible.

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