Vehicular Homicide Attorneys

Homicide by Motor Vehicle

In the state of Maryland, homicide by motor vehicle is considered to be murder and often charged as a felony, which carries very serious consequences. Those accused of committing homicide by motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol may also receive an additional three to five years in jail. When faced with such high-stakes charges, it is imperative that you enlist an accomplished, assertive defense attorney from Alpert Schreyer to fight for you.

The defense lawyers at Alpert Schreyer have experience as former prosecutors and understand what it takes to win. Far too often, people charged with homicide by motor vehicle did not intend to take another person’s life, but drove while drowsy, distracted, or intoxicated. Our experienced DUI/DWI lawyers will thoroughly investigate every aspect of the incident in question and the charges brought against a client to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. With a committed lawyer at your side, it may be possible to get your punishment reduced, if not dropped completely.

Defenses against Homicide by Motor Vehicle

While the charges for homicide and the prosecution against defendants may result in serious penalties, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. Through a strong defense case, you may be able to dismiss or reduce your charges. Common defense tactics against homicide by motor vehicle charges may include:

  • Accident Reconstruction – Evidence collected from the scene of the accident, such as photographs, traffic camera footage, eyewitness testimony, or measurements of the scene may be used to prove that the accused driver was not responsible for the crash.
  • Proof of Vehicle Defects – If it is determined that the vehicle(s) involved in the crash were defective, the automobile manufacturer may be liable for damages instead of the accused driver.
  • Insufficient Evidence – It may be possible that there is a lack of causation between the accused driver’s actions and the resulting fatality.
  • Excluding Incriminating Evidence – Any evidence obtained in violation of the accused driver’s constitutional rights may be excluded from the case. For example, if the accused was not read his or her Miranda Rights at the time of arrest, or a drug or alcohol test was improperly administered.
  • Intervening Causes – The accused driver may be relieved of liability if it is determined that unforeseeable events led to the fatal auto accident, such as natural forces, conduct of animals, or negligent human conduct other than the accused.

Skilled Representation in Your Time of Need

A homicide by motor vehicle conviction can be devastating and life-altering, resulting in time spent in prison, costly fines, and the loss of a driver’s license. Life with a criminal record can have wide-reaching repercussions, negatively influencing your ability to find work, earn a living, and maintain a family. You need assertive legal representation to help protect you. The knowledgeable vehicular homicide lawyers at Alpert Schreyer are available for a free case evaluation to help you understand the charges against you and the best course of action to take. Call us at (866) 444-6363 or contact us online through our case evaluation form.