Maryland Federal Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

If your drug crime involves large quantities of illegal drugs over state lines or across international borders, you may face federal drug crime charges rather than state charges. A federal drug crime conviction will carry a much harsher punishment, a longer mandatory minimum sentence and the possibility of being held without bail. The experienced federal drug crime attorneys at Alpert Schreyer handle cases at the federal level that involve drug crimes such as federal drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, drug sales and distribution, Internet drug marketing and sales, federal drug transportation, mailing drugs across state lines or national borders, drug smuggling in and out of the United States and other drug-related crimes such as money laundering.

Our federal drug crime attorneys have a deep and thorough understanding of both state and federal laws concerning drug manufacturing and distribution as well as federal search and seizure laws to protect your Constitutional rights. Federal drug offenses can carry harsher penalties. For example, if a weapon or firearm is involved in a drug crime, you could get a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 to 15 years in federal prison. Our experienced federal drug crime attorneys can help you avoid such lengthy sentences. We work hard to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

Our federal drug crime practice includes:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Importation and transportation across state and national borders
  • Drug possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug cultivation
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Money laundering related to drug crimes

We also work with individuals who have been wrongly accused of federal drug trafficking. These are innocent victims who may have received illegal drugs in the mail or may have been charged after drugs were found on their person, airline baggage or vehicle. These are people who have no idea what those drugs are or how they got there, but get unfairly prosecuted. We can use our skill, knowledge and experience to help get you out of these sticky situations and establish your innocence.

If you believe you are part of a federal drug investigation or if you have been accused of smuggling or transporting illicit drugs across state and international borders, please call an experienced federal drug crimes attorney at 866-444-6363 for a free case evaluation. We will carefully evaluate your case and vigorously defend you against any type of federal drug charge.