Felony Criminal Defense Lawyers

Felony Offenses

People who face felony offense charges will need the legal representation of a criminal defense attorney with skill and experience. At Alpert Schreyer, LLC our attorneys understand the life-altering impact that a felony conviction can have on a  defendant. As such, we provide a defense that takes into consideration your unique needs and well-being. If you have been accused of a felony crime, it’s crucial that you do not wait to get in touch with a lawyer.

Our Maryland felony defense lawyers are former prosecutors who know the tactics the state will use when building a case against you and the serious penalties that state prosecutors will commonly seek in court.

The Goals of Prosecutors

In leveling felony charges against a Maryland resident, prosecutors seek to impose serious punishments for the alleged crime. Since a defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty, a prosecutor will work to show that he or she not only committed a crime, but that the circumstances of the crime qualify for a felony charge. Often, this will include proving motive, the identity of the victim, and any other specific actions that Maryland law classifies as worthy of a felony charge. Witness and expert testimony along with evidence are used to prove that you committed the crime. However, an accomplished defense attorney will be able to fight back in court against these tactics.

The Results of a Successful Defense

Because you are facing criminal charges does not mean your trial will end in prison and monetary fines. A successful defense can end in many results. It all depends on the circumstances of your case, and the potential penalties that you faced.

Found Innocent

If the jury finds that you did not commit any form of crime, they will declare you innocent of the charges. This means that there are no penalties, and that you will not have a criminal record created- no matter what had been previously claimed. For people facing charges of multiple crimes, it is possible to be innocent of some and guilty of others. This can result in fewer penalties.

Decreased Penalties

By proving that the circumstances of the crime do not fit the criteria for the charge, it is possible to have charges reduced. It may be possible to prove that the crime does not qualify as a felony, but is actually a misdemeanor. This can mean a difference of years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.


Rather than prison time, a plea deal and other tactics can result in a defendant being sentenced to probation. During this time, a defendant will be able to live outside prison as long as he or she follows specific guidelines. At the end of probation, he or she will be free from obligation. He or she may even have some charges wiped from the record.

Years of Experience Used for Your Benefit

With decades of courtroom success, a Maryland felony defense attorney at Alpert Schreyer not only has deep insight into the needs of your case, but has the skills and resources needed to find success. Whatever charges you may be facing, we will work to defend your rights and create a better future for you and the people who depend on you. Contact us at (866) 444-6363 to learn more about our record of success and what we can do to help you.