Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyers

Maryland illegal drug manufacturing includes any act of manufacturing, producing or cultivating a controlled substance or narcotic such as marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamine. If law enforcement seizes your meth lab, marijuana grow house or any other location where drugs are produced or manufactured, you are very likely facing several years of prison time and expensive fines, if convicted. It is absolutely critical when facing drug manufacturing charges to contact an experienced, skilled and aggressive drug crime defense attorney immediately to help you fight the drug manufacturing or distribution charges against you.

Consequences of Drug Manufacturing

Under Maryland drug laws, drug manufacturing may involve the actual lab production or cultivation of illegal drugs such as heroin, crack cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamine or other drugs. However, you may also face drug manufacturing charges if you have been found in possession of the chemicals/ingredients used for the manufacture of these drugs. Such ingredients may include ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine or such other chemicals. The experienced drug crime defense attorneys at Alpert Schreyer handle all types of drug manufacturing charges including:

The consequences for the conviction of criminal drug transportation or drug distribution may include:

  • Operating a meth lab
  • Cultivating heroin, cocaine or other drugs
  • Operating a marijuana grow house
  • Possession or transportation of chemicals used for drug manufacturing
  • Any other involvement in the production or manufacture of illegal drugs

The evidence collected by police officials in a search and seizure of a drug manufacturing operation is often the most significant piece of evidence that prosecution has in drug manufacturing and distribution cases. Prosecutors may also use the weight of the drugs including weight of any roots, seeds, capsules or chemicals used to make the drugs, to establish a basis for serious drug charges. The greater the quantity of drugs confiscated, the more serious the drug charges. The level of the offense and the potential consequences will hinge on the type and quantity of drugs seized.

Charged with a Drug Crime?

Our aggressive Maryland narcotics defense lawyers will vigorously attack the manner in which this important evidence was collected. We will thoroughly investigate the search and seizure as well as investigative tactics used by law enforcement. If evidence was collected illegally using an unauthorized wire tap, an invalid traffic stop or an illegally obtained statement (Miranda Rights violation), we will seek to suppress this evidence and get the case dismissed.

If you have been charged with illegally manufacturing drugs, please contact us at 866-444-6363 immediately. Our goal is to make sure that your Constitutional rights are protected. We will use our skill and extensive experience to get your charges dismissed and keep you out of prison.