Maryland Misdemeanor Drug Charge Attorneys

Maryland has extremely strict drug laws. Many are surprised at the stiff penalties and consequences that stem from a seemingly minor misdemeanor conviction such as possessing a small amount of marijuana. In reality, every crime, however minor, has its consequences. If you have been wrongly accused of a crime or are looking for a second chance, you deserve that opportunity. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor drug crime in Maryland and are looking for strong criminal defense in your drug case, please contact an experienced Bethesda drug crime defense lawyer at Alpert Schreyer, LLC.

Penalties for Maryland Misdmeanor Drug Charges

In Maryland, you could face jail time or monetary fines even for drug crimes such as possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia such as bongs or syringes. If convicted of a misdemeanor drug crime, you are also facing the strong possibility of your driver’s license being suspended. If you are a repeat offender, your driving privilege could be revoked.

There is no question that a felony drug case is far more serious than a misdemeanor drug case. As truly experienced defense attorneys we have represented many clients in misdemeanor as well as felony drug cases. Led by former prosecutor Andrew Alpert, we have valuable insight into how the state makes its cases and what types of defense strategies can have real impact on these cases. If you have been accused of a drug crime, it is wise to have an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Trusted Legal Representation

A drug crime conviction can have serious consequences for anyone, but there are some important factors that make it significant for you to explore all your options. A skilled and knowledgeable drug crime defense attorney will take into consideration, factors such as prior criminal history or record; another misdemeanor drug crime that was part of a DUI arrest or any other charges that you may face in addition to the initial charges; and the potential effect of a drug conviction on your job, career or employment/educational prospects.
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