6 Mistakes DUI Lawyers Make

MISTAKE #1 — pleading guilty too quickly

A good Maryland DUI defense lawyer probes the state’s case for potential weaknesses. Perhaps the defendant’s Miranda rights were not read to him. Perhaps the stop, roadside tests, or search and seizure somehow violated the defendant’s Constitutional rights. Perhaps the blood-alcohol tests given were improperly conducted or otherwise faulty. Lawyers with the “settle quickly” mentality typically don’t get the best results for their clients.

MISTAKE #2 — failure to explain avenues of redress to the client

In the wake of a Maryland drunk-driving arrest, defendants typically are confused and anxious. A good Maryland DUI defense lawyer provides guidance, not just in terms of case strategy but also in terms of helping the client get any help he or she needs.

MISTAKE #3 — having the defendant take the witness stand

Although in some cases it may behoove the client to testify at court; in general, lawyers should keep their client away from the witness stand.

MISTAKE #4 — failing to file certain motions to suppress

Many DUI cases can be won and/or dismissed during pretrial. Your Maryland driving under the influence defense attorney should press every avenue to reduce your sentence and get you the best outcome possible.

MISTAKE #5 — rushing to settle

It may make sense for a defendant to plea bargain down to a minor conviction. But the consequences of pleading guilty to any Maryland drunk driving charge can be severe. Sanctions may include prison-time, fines, the revocation of your driver’s license, and restrictions on your ability to travel abroad. Your attorney should explain all potential consequences to you — as well as the pros and cons of arguing the charge at trial.

MISTAKE #6 — failure to consult outside experts, if need be

To press your best defense, your Bowie drunk driving defense attorney may seek the assistance of outside experts including, breath testing technicians, accident reconstruction engineers, psychiatrists, physicians, toxicologists, forensic audio and tape experts and chemists.

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