After A DUI Arrest In Maryland

A DUI arrest is a very serious matter.  Though DUI arrests are quite common – according to the National Highway Safety Administration, one out of every 135 drivers is arrested for DUI each year – it can severely damage your life.

After a MD DUI Arrest

You could lose your driver’s license, your job, your family, and be forced to pay hefty fines and/or serve jail time. Fighting to ensure that your rights are protected is absolutely essential.

Take Action Fast

Right after you’ve been arrested, you should call someone; a family member or a friend is ideal.  When they hear your voice, they can tell whether your speech is slurred and can dispute any claims to the contrary in a court of law.  You will also want to put together a timeline of everything you did leading up to the arrest.  You need to build a case that refutes the state’s evidence.

Hiring a quality DUI attorney early in the process is also critical for navigating the complicated network of drunk driving laws.  Experienced DUI defense attorneys understand how to challenge sobriety tests, and Andrew Alpert is one of a very few attorneys who is also a Certified NHTSA Field Sobriety Test Instructor.   He knows how to challenge the validity of the original traffic stop and the constitutionality of any search and seizure processes and keeps up with all the latest developments in the field which can help to minimize the damage of a DUI arrest.

Consider Your Options

If you choose to hire a lawyer, you’ll need to work with your attorney to determine whether you want to accept a plea bargain or go to a trial or motions hearing.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both depending on the circumstances of your case.  Going to trial can be expensive and time-consuming, but could end up being worth it.

For those drivers who haven’t had prior DUI convictions or received a probation before judgment (PBJ) for a previous DUI in the last 10 years, a PBJ is a possibility.  If you make it through the probationary period, your driving record will be clean.   Since DUI is a criminal offense, a drunk driving arrest will remain on your record and could prevent future employment.

The time following a DUI arrest can be vital to the final resolution of your case.   Regardless of your specific situation, you should contact an experienced DUI Defense attorney as soon as possible.

Andrew D. Alpert is one of the leading DUI defense attorneys in Maryland and the District of Columbia.   He is a former prosecutor who has a proven track record of successfully represented individuals charged with DUI or DWI throughout the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia including those charged with vehicular manslaughter. Get your free case evaluation now by dialing (866) 444-6363 or click here to fill out a confidential online case evaluation form.