DUI and DWI Penalties Maryland

Maryland DUI and DWI Penalties

Fines and Penalties

First Offense: Up to $1,000 (DUI); up to $500 (DWI)
Second Offense: Up to $2,000 (DUI); up to $500 (DWI)
Third Offense: Up to $3,000

License Suspension

First Offense: Up to 1 year (DUI); up to 2 months (DWI)
Second Offense: Up to 2 years (DUI); up to 1 year (DWI)
Third Offense: 18 months up to court’s discretion


First Offense: 3 months
Second Offense: 7-12 months
Third Offense: Up to 3 years

Refusal of taking chemical test

First Offense: 120 Days License Suspension
Second Offense: 1 year license suspension
Third Offense: 1 year License suspension

Maryland MVA points

First Offense: 12(DUUI); 8 (DWI)
Second Offense: 12(DUUI); 8 (DWI)

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

Adult: .08% or higher (DUI) Between .04% and .08% (DWI)
Under 21: 0.02%
CDL: 0.04%