Maryland DUI Fatality Defense Attorney

The incredible stress of a car accident is multiplied when a death is involved. It’s difficult to fully grasp the situation, but it should be emphasized that it is very serious to be charged with drunken driving in connection with a fatal accident.

Obtaining excellent legal counsel to help you during this tough time can be crucial.

Stricter Penalties

Thousands of dollars in penalties and years in jail are both strong possibilities if you are convicted in a fatal DUI accident. Judges sometimes view these kinds of penalties as a way to deter others from drinking and driving. Fatal accidents tend to receive a lot of attention from the media, and though each defendant is innocent until proven guilty, the court of public opinion is usually on the victim’s side.

Civil damages for pain and suffering could also be higher if the driver is found to be driving while impaired. That’s part of the reason why it is imperative to launch a strong defense against DUI charges. Police must adhere to a host of laws in determining whether a driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. If any of these guidelines were violated, a strong case can be made against the state. Other factors can be considered to obtain a lighter sentence.

A Bigger Target

Law enforcement is stepping up their battle against drug and alcohol use. Advocacy groups have launched campaigns to ensure that enforcement is more strict and penalties become increasingly harsh. While this may keep the streets safer, it also means that more people are being charged and with more significant consequences.

More than 1.4 million people were charged with drunk driving last year. Of those 1.4 million, approximately 26,000 were charged in the state of Maryland. It’s a common crime, but one that can affect every aspect of your life. There are many considerations in any DUI case that are magnified to a higher level in a fatal accident case, such as whether the case should be handled through a plea bargain or should go to trial. Finding a lawyer that understands the needs of your specific case is essential to mounting an effective defense.

Whenever the loss of life is involved in a criminal setting, the emotions and stakes are extremely high. Acquiring the services of an experienced defense attorney, can help to insure that your rights are protected under the law and that you mount a competent, compelling defense against the charges you are facing. Call today at (866) 444-6363 or click here to e-mail an associate to set up your free, confidential consultation today.