Loss Of License Info

What Can I do to Save my Maryland License?

For many, losing your license is not an option. Give yourself an advantage by working with the experienced attorneys at Alpert Schreyer, LLC.

First: retain an attorney to strategize a best course of action.

Find a representative who has ample experience dealing with DUI and DWI cases and a track record of success. Your Maryland DWI defense attorney should provide ample references from satisfied clients and be affiliated with organizations that focus on the representation of drivers accused of drunk driving.

Second: seek out a hearing (before 10 days have elapsed after your arrest) to challenge the suspension of your license.

If you wait too long to ask for this hearing, you may not be able to stop the suspension.

Third: you and attorney should investigate whether or not your stop, sobriety tests, and subsequent arrest were conducted according to proper procedure.

If your rights under the law were violated, if your Constitutional protections were in any way denied, or if the officer failed to follow rigorous rules of process, you might be able to win your case.

Fourth: be on the watch for any errors and omissions in the state’s case against you at the hearing, assuming it goes forward.

If a witness (such as your arresting officer) makes a misstatement of fact or other error, seek redress. Remember that if convicted, you may get 12 points on your record and have to pay a large fine and/or serve up to a year in prison for DUI. Often the penalties are greater if you have prior DUI convictions or PBJ dispositions.

To get solid assistance with your DUI matter, look to Alpert Schreyer, LLC. This highly respected Maryland DUI defense law firm has been representing clients like you for decades and has successfully tackled even the most complicated DUI/DWI cases. Click here to fill out the online form, or get a case evaluation now and call (866) 444-6363.