Maryland Misdemeanor DUI Attorneys

After being arrested for drunk driving in Maryland, it’s normal to feel anxious, confused, and scared. Unfortunately, DUI arrests happen; however, you aren’t helpless and your actions now can make all the difference in having the charges you are facing reduced or dismissed altogether. The first step, is the one you’ve already taken – you’ve found a website that will inform you of state DUI laws and help you better understand your legal rights. The next step is to find the right attorney for your case and we can help you with that.

What a Misdemeanor Means for You

A criminal conviction can follow you for the rest of your life, affecting your job and your family, regardless of whether it is a misdemeanor or felony. A driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI) conviction in Maryland can carry severe penalties, both criminal and administrative. Most DUI crimes are misdemeanors but not all carry the same punishments. Even though it does not carry the same notoriety as a felony, having a misdemeanor charge on your record can still adversely affect your future. If you have been charged with misdemeanor DUI in Maryland, the experienced Waldorf DUI defense lawyers at Alpert Schreyer can build a strong defense on your behalf.

Misdemeanor DUI Crimes

Under § 21-902 of the Maryland Transportation Code, it is illegal to drive while under the influence of or impaired by alcohol, alcohol per se (BAC 0.08 and above), drug(s) or any combination of alcohol and drugs. Under § 27-101, a violation of this law is a misdemeanor and carries a maximum one year imprisonment and/or a maximum fine of $1000. A subsequent offense under § 21-902, though still a misdemeanor, increases the maximum period of imprisonment to two years. Additional misdemeanor DUI crimes include:

  • Violation of ignition interlock requirement – $1,000 and/or 1 or 2 years imprisonment;
  • DUI of a controlled dangerous substance – $1,000 and/or 1 year imprisonment (1st offense), $2,000 and/or 2 years imprisonment (2nd offense), $3,000 and/or 3 years imprisonment (3rd, subsequent offense);
  • DUI of alcohol/drugs/controlled dangerous substance causing serious life-threatening injury – $5,000 and/or 3 years imprisonment.
  • DUI causing a death is a felony and carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Consequences of a DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction can create many hardships and future challenges. Imprisonment can cause issues in your family life and fines can impose unnecessary financial strain. Furthermore, it can result in the loss of employment and difficulty in gaining employment in the future since many employers will choose a candidate without a criminal record over one with a criminal record.

If you have been accused of DUI, you do not have to face the charges on your own. Your best chance of avoiding unnecessary penalties or an unjust conviction that can jeopardize your future is retaining the services of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

Contacting an Aggressive DUI Defense Lawyer

Choosing the right attorney to fight your DUI charge is essential. At Alpert Schreyer, our skilled Maryland DUI attorneys have been defending the rights of clients accused of drunk driving for decades and have successfully represented more than 1,000 people in their cases. We have a thorough knowledge of the state’s DUI laws as well as a complete understanding of proper DUI enforcement procedure, which we use to determine whether the arrest was made lawfully.

Police officers are given the impossible task of keeping every impaired driver off of our roads. With such a great responsibility, they sometimes see impairment when none exists or skip important steps during the arrest procedure. It is our job to make sure you are not subjected to excessive penalties or an unjust conviction. To speak to one of our attorneys about your case, contact us today at (866) 444-6363 for a free and confidential consultation.