MD Resident Dressed as Frosty the Snowman Faces Assault Charges

MD Resident Dressed as Frosty the Snowman Faces Assault ChargesIn a very bizarre story this holiday season, a man dressed as Frosty the Snowman was recently arrested in Chestertown on assault charges. According to, the Maryland resident, who was dressed as the iconic Christmas character, was participating in a Chestertown Christmas parade when he allegedly kicked a police dog. The police sergeant/dog’s handler immediately escorted the man away from the crowd, but Frosty reportedly hit the police officer in the face with the head of his costume. A second officer on the scene also claims he was pushed by the Frosty impersonator as they tried getting him into the patrol car.

The man, who was on probation for disorderly conduct, now faces a second-degree assault charge for the incident, as well as other charges including resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Under Maryland law, an assault crime is considered to be any crime involving assault, battery, or a combination of the two. Assault in the second degree is a considered a serious offense (though not as serious as assault in the first degree). If you touch someone else in an unwanted manner that could be perceived as offensive, unwanted, or potentially harmful, you may be charged with this offense. Assault in the second degree is considered a misdemeanor crime in Maryland and carries with it a maximum penalty of 10 years. If the assault is committed on law enforcement, however, the assault charge may be considered a felony.

Though it is not uncommon for an assault charge to be pled down to something less serious in Maryland, the consequences for any assault conviction can be harsh, as it considered a very serious offense. If you are a Maryland resident who is facing assault charges, an experienced Waldorf criminal defense lawyer with the law firm of Alpert Schreyer can help build an aggressive defense on your behalf. We have helped many Maryland residents facing assault charges get their charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Please call (301) 708-0819 for a free case evaluation.

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