Prince Georges County Maryland DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers

Are You Openly Communicating With Your DUI Attorneys?  Open Discussion With Your Drunk Driving Lawyers Will Help Them Prepare A More Solid Case.

Have you been arrested for drunk driving in Prince Georges county?  When you hire the services of DUI lawyers, there are several pieces of information they will gather from you. The more you share with your lawyers honestly, the better they can prepare your case.

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‘Information to provide to your Prince George’s County DUI attorneys‘ includes:

  • What you did before you were arrested and how much drank
  • How the officer treated you and why he said you were stopped
  • Whether you were asked or ordered to perform roadside tests
  • How you performed on the roadside tests and what you said to the officer
  • The results of your breath tests or blood tests – and if you were observed for 20 continuous minutes prior to the test
  • Whether or not there were witnesses to your arrest

Each of these pieces of information is ‘critical for your defense lawyers to know’. With this information, your DUI attorney can develop a good defense and cast doubt on the prosecution’s case. Always do your best to share as much information as possible with your Prince George’s County, Maryland DUI lawyers.

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