Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office Reports Two Recent Arrests for Theft

Prince George's County Sheriff's Office Reports Two Recent Arrests for TheftThe Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office has recently posted two arrests involving theft charges on its website.

The County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest of a man by the Warrant/Fugitive Division on four indictments of robbery with a deadly weapon and other related charges.

The robbery charges stemmed from four indictments that occurred in 2002 and for a failure-to-appear charge issued two years later. The cold case investigation led officers to Belmont Street in Washington D.C. They were assisted in making their arrest by Metro Washington Police officers.

Prince George’s County Sheriff’s deputies arrested another burglary suspect, closing five warrants. The arrest was for the first-degree burglary. The man placed under arrest allegedly broke into a home in the 6800 blocks of Middlefield Terrace in Fort Washington in 2013 on January 28, stealing various items.

Prince George’s Sheriff’s deputies found the man at a residence on 28th Avenue in Temple Hills. He attempted to flee from deputies and was apprehended. He was taken to the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections and charged with the following:

  • First, Third, and Fourth Degree Burglary
  • Theft
  • Conspiracy to Commit Burglary
  • Illegal transportation of a handgun

Sheriff’s deputies notified detectives of the arrest.

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